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Life Changes in Just One Minute

The call came in. My daughter-in-law fell. She can’t move her hands or arms. She is in the hospital. The grandkids are at the neighbors. Come now. 75 miles

One day later, she’s made it through surgery. Bones have been cut from her legs and placed in her back. I have been with the grandkids. I have not seen here. All I was told was that there were some complications in surgery. Arms and hands still not working.

“Hurry, you need to get home. Your brother needs help.”

Left husband with grandkids went back to check on brother 75 miles. Got things settled went to bed to see if I could get a little sleep. 30 minutes (1:00 am) Husband calls forgot my medicine you need to come back. 75 miles, here your medicine. I have to go to work. 75 miles.

Get to work. Grandson calls, “I need you.”

“I am working, can Grandpa or Dad help. No I need you. “

“Is Grandpa there?”

“Yes, but everyone but me is sleeping.”

“Go get in bed with Grandpa. I have to take care of a few things here and then I will be down. Remember, I have to come from home. Crawl in with Grandpa, tell him you need a hug and I will be there after I get things handled here.”

Just sniffles.

“Can you do that for me so I can hang up the phone, call work and get driving so I can be there with you?”

“Yes, but will he be okay alone if you come down here. I will call Aunt Sue and she will come take care of him.”


75 miles. I get  to their house and everyone is asleep.

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    Does this mean I can lay down on the couch and take a nap?

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    Is there a point when you just toss your hands in the air and drop everything?

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