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“The red and golden autumn leaves crunch loudly beneath her soft leather boots. The wind is now whistling, turning the dense fog into an eerie, swirling, living entity and sharply brushes her face. She hugs her black leather coat tightly around her as she shivers. Only another mile before she’s is snuggling by a cozy fire. She dreams of sipping a glass of

hot mulled wine as the pungent aroma tickles her nose.” 

The weight of the silenced Beretta weighs heavily in her moist hand as she starts walking back towards the lonely, Michigan bypass…

What happened next?


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  1. “What have I done and how can I protect myself with the gun under the seat?” The mind swirls with the intensity of a tornado running through her brain. She’s safe for a moment in time only. She knows what she’s done and how can she survive. The panic sets in. Face the music her or will I meet my maker. How could she have let this happen.

    • The speedometer needle hit’s the 90mph mark as the turbo kicks in! Too late to stop now, ivé blown it, Jessi thinks, no way of stopping now. In the glare of her high beams, she sees a turn-off, it’s now or never. Glancing up at the rearview mirror, she notices that the black n white has fallen back. The luminous turnoff sign is now only a few yards ahead, as she gears down to turn up the dark, dirt road. For a brief moment, it feels like the car is going to flip, but makes it and immediately starts choking as a cloud of dirt, swirls in through the open window, as she gags for breath, she sneaks a glance at the mirror. Just in time, she sees the police car continue past the turnoff heading straight along the highway and disappearing from view, about a mile ahead. He wasn’t chasing after her after all…

  2. ADDENDUM Jessi deftly hot-wires the Volvo. At first, It battles to start in the crisp morning air, then it kicks into life! So far so good, she thinks. She is about to drive on when in her rearview mirror, she sees the unmistakable flashing of red and blue lights, Cops!, sh*t! not now, the gun, she has to decide fast, dump it outside or hide it.

    The cop car’s bright headlights shine like a spotlight on the Volvo. Under the seat, she will shove it under the seat. Instead of slowing down, the black n white flies past her, and the momentum rocks the Volvo from side to side. “Safe!” she says, under her sharp exhale.

    Suddenly, 200 yards ahead of her, the cop car’s red taillights flash on, he’s stopping! She can hear the screeching of his tyres, from where she is still parked at the side of the road with her motor running. He’s turned around and is coming back towards her.

    Suddenly, his siren which had been silent until a moment, ago, starts wailing. He’s coming for her, she just knows it… In one fluid motion, she yanks the steering-wheel fully around and slams her accelerator to the floor, as the Volvo lurches forward, her eyes briefly glance up at the headlights in the rearview mirror, which are now rapidly gaining on her…

  3. I’m hot-wiring the Volvo, its battling to start in the crisp morning air, Jessi gets it started, so far, so good, she thinks. Cops. Sh*t!, not now, the gun, she has to decide fast, dump it or hide it.

    The cop car’s headlight shines like a spotlight on her car. Under the seat, she will shove it under the seat… Instead of slowing down, the back n white fly’s past, safe, she says under her sharp exhale. The cop’s taillights flash on… In one fluid motion, she yanks the steering-wheel clock-wise and accelerates. The headlights in her rearview mirror is gaining on her…

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