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Legend of Sleepy Hollow ~ From Book to Film Adaptations

The book, “THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW” by Washington Irving has been adapted to film several times.

There was a television show in the 80s which starred Jeff Goldblum and there was a movie which starred Johnny Depp.  I liked the movie but never watched the series.  Also never watched the animated version.

The Sleepy Hollow FOX TV Series ran for 4 seasons.  It aired from September 2013 to March 2017. I loved this show!  But when they killed off my favorite character, Abbie Mills, that was it for me!  Ichabod and Abbie were never romantically involved but the chemistry between the two was electric!  They made a great team!  I was so disappointed with the elimination of Abbie, I didn’t even follow it through to the last episode.  There was no point.

(Note:  It’s a great show to binge watch during Halloween.)

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