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"Leave me alone"

Lolly the big cat you see in the photo is the oldest of the siblings.  He used to be quite playful and his playmate was his sister Pinkie.  He has now grown out of that period and prefer to be left alone. Lolly is the kindest but as you can see in the photo he is in no mood. 

The littlest one on the contrary is quite daring and by her looks seems she wants to play with Lolly.  The little one does have a companion in Peppy who is actually her uncle.  They do have playful sessions together. 

Pinkie and Lolly were great with each other and I have caputred their various activities in my camera. 

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  1. I had to laugh when I read your title. Cats do have their moods. My Sophie wants more attention from me than I can always give and if she does not get it then she will bite me. It is not always her fault when she bites but when she does it a few times close in a row I tell her she cannot come up on me and she is in punishment.

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