La Liga poll ~ 6/30/20

To celebrate reaching the halfway point of the year, La Liga has provided for you a triple header to keep you entertained all day.  Here is a look at the schedule.  All games will be aired on Bein Sports.

Celta Vigo at Mallorca – 1:30 EST.

Sevilla at Leganes – 3 PM EST.

Atletico Madrid at Barcelona – 4 PM EST.

Celta Vigo and Mallorca were tied four matches ago.  Now, Celta Vigo has an eight-point lead over Mallorca, who is stuck in the relegation zone.  Mallorca definitely needs this win because there are only six games left in the season.

The second match has Leganes hosting Sevilla.  Leganes really needs a victory because they are one point behind Mallorca in the standings.  They will have a chance today against Sevilla because Sevilla tends not to bring their A-game on the road.

The reason that there is even a poll today is due to fellow Virily blogger Halcombe Norilsk, who advised to me that Atletico Madrid was travelling to Camp Nou to go up against Barcelona.  Barcelona is currently in 2nd place, two points behind Real Madrid.  A win would put Barca back into first place.  However, this match will not be easy as 3rd place Atletico Madrid brings maximum effort and defense to the table each and every game.  Will Atletico Madrid actually help Real Madrid keep first place?

  • Question of

    Mallorca or Celta Vigo?

    • Mallorca
    • Celta Vigo
  • Question of

    Leganes or Sevilla?

    • Leganes
    • Sevilla
  • Question of

    Barcelona or Atletico Madrid?

    • Barcelona
    • Atletico Madrid


What do you think?

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  1. Thanks for the mention!!!!! There has been great controversy over Messi, as the cameras caught him making a bad gesture. The second coach of Barcelona addressed him to talk in the middle of the last game and Messi did not want to. The images are very polemic. People do not want Setién as the coach and former Barcelona player Xavi Hernández could be the next manager. Attético is a great team. Perhaps a draw will be the result. People from my province are very sad, the team of my province, Real Zaragoza was close to ascending to the first division but they lost at home yesterday. We will see what happens but given how things are Real Madrid can be the next champions. I have never been a Real Zaragoza fan but having the team in the first division can be good for the city of Zaragoza.

    • Xavi is smart not to take the coaching job now because Barcelona kept signing the wrong players. You are welcome because I did not see the upcoming schedule and you let me know about the game today.
      The problem with clubs in smaller cities like Zaragoza is when they were up the last time and the other larger teams signed all of their good players.

      • Real Zaragoza is a historic football team. They were always in the First Division, winning trophies like Copa del Rey and Recopa and playing in Europe. One day, a businessman with not football knowledge bought the club to make money and it is 10 years since Real Zaragoza does not play in the First Division. Really, really sad because it is a historical club. Atlético and Barcelona ended their game 2-2 yesterday. Griezmann only played one minute. It was a horrendous night for Fútbol Club Barcelona because the basketball team lost as well the final of the league and they were the favourites.

        • Thank you for the info because I did not know about Zaragoza’s history at all. I have not been keeping up with European basketball this season, but I just looked at Barcelona’s basketball team roster, and they have a lot of former college players from the USA. It’s funny that Real Madrid did not sign Mirotic back when he left the NBA.

          • Yes, Real Zaragoza was an important team until this businessman ruined everything. Let´s hope this year Real Zaragoza plays in the first division again. Zaragoza is the capital of my region. Barcelona has always been the best basketball team in Spain but in the last 8 years Real Madrid has been one of the best in Europe. This year, Barcelona spent a lot to be the best again but they have just sacked the manager Pesic, who is a good coach. Real Madrid won Copa del Rey and they were in the first position before the pandemic, after the pandemic they started to lose games and the new best team in Spain is Baskonia. Mirotic played for Madrid and he said he would never play for Barcelona something he is doing that this is why is so hated in Madrid. Mirotic has a Spanish passport but as his name indicates, he was born in the former Jugoslavija.

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