Kids have no schooling for a long time

The previous school year ended in March and it is now nearing the end of June which should have been the start of the next school year (usually first week of June). But due to the corona virus, the government has moved the opening of the school year on August 24 in the hope that the virus will be gone by that time.

What if the virus stays and will be here for a longer time? The kids would not go to school but they have to continue with their education. This is now the big dilemma that the education department is facing here.

  • Will you send your kids to school?

    • Yes
    • No
    • only if the virus is gone


What do you think?

Written by Alex Socorro


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  1. Face to face class is still not allowed. Online or using self-learning modules will definitely have different effects on learners. Parents will also have a great role in the child’s learning process.

    To answer your question. Yes, I will send my son to school and will opt for the self-learning module. But I would like to note that our city is considered covid-free.

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