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The picture is not of me, but it could be.  I am old. I tried to go from a manual typewriter to this computer. I don’t get out much. I putter around the house and try to take care of things here. I have a son that is very helpful. I make my own final decisions and still I need his help to understand so many things. I have become the child in many ways. I suppose that what happens when you live too long.

Sometimes my son takes me to the park and I enjoy watching the people. Where I live parents keep quite a close eye on their children. I think that is good. Sometimes on Saturdays I ride with a young man that drives the ice cream truck to the park. I love to pay for the ice cream. It’s a treat for the parents. They were willing to give their children a treat and I am happy to take the expense. I think it’s fun for everyone.

I also get out once a week to go to the store. I don’t need much, but I enjoy seeing what there is and finding things I can cook without too much trouble.

I watch the evening news on three different channels. I try to decipher the things I need to know. I still vote and I like to put much thought into it. I don’t talk politics. I listen, I watch and I question.

I have a tablet that reads books to me. I used to love to read, but my eyes are tired so now I listen. I am hoping that someone here might recommend some books.

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Written by Passionate Panda


  1. There are many books, depending on the subjects you enjoy. Good to see you posting. Le the know what you like and I can recommend plenty of books.

  2. I am not sure what kind of books you enjoy; but, I can say that this one had wide approval from most people that I have mentioned it to. “A Walk In The Woods” by Bill Bryson.
    I could certainly suggest more but do you like mystery, biography, drama, comedy, etc…?
    Cheers, I am also older than dirt as they say.