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Is Your Heart A Prison Of Have You Tried?

“There are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going.” ~ Unknown

Isn’t it strange, how people assume you aren’t sick unless they see the sickness on your body, somewhere, like clear, welts, bruises and scars forming a mapped out route of all the ways you’re hurting?

A heart is a prison of Have you tried’s?

Have you tried eating better? have you tried exercising? Have you tried not being sick, or, not being unhappy? What they are arrogantly and indirectly asking you, is, have you tried being more like me? Yes, I have tried. Yes, I am still trying, and no, I am still sick!

Sometimes your monsters are invisible, and sometimes they attack you from inside. Sometimes, the very worst monsters are invisible. Simply because you cannot see their teeth and their claws do not mean they aren’t ripping you to shreds. Pain does not need to be seen to be felt and telling someone there is no problem can’t solve it and miracles are not born this way and it’s not how illness always works.

To all of these third-degree questions, you feel like shouting out, “Have you tried just shutting up?” But you don’t ask them that, no, never that, because, those are the coins you have to pay the ferryman of mental illness.

Written in solidarity with sufferers.

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  1. i think my friend, you will find that many are happy to judge. To stand and tell you that you are failing regardless.

    The path to happiness lies in rejecting those who cannot be kind. Those who cannot move on from their hate and anger.

      • wow you raise a really hard question.

        If it is someone that I don’t “care” what they think of me (say someone here online) then I would say misunderstood.

        If it is someone I care about? Then it would be a betrayal./

        great question!

  2. I tend to agree with Andre that many awarded soldiers fell in penury and had to sell even awarded medals… but then a story or two in the middle is hidden

  3. I don’t have a problem, thank God, but there are some people who are suffering badly from this disease, and yes, Fortune, it is a clinical disease. If you have gone through a war and have killed or crippled, many people in defense of your country, the country sleeps well but that soldier or police officer returns to the battlefield every time he or she closes their eyes. I am sure, they would like to be able to just do! I have been there in war and in the Police SWAT team, but I am one of the lucky ones, I can sleep at night, others are less lucky. After fighting, they give you a medal that is supposed to make things okay but it is actually useless. It is for them, my comrades, who cannot cope, that I wrote this post.