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Is The Act Of Gratitude Being Selfish?

“Decide what to be, then go and be it.”

Spending time focusing on all the good in your life might start to feel a little selfish. It can feel a bit like it’s all about the ‘me, me, me’. My good fortune. My blessings. All the gifts in my life. And none of us want to be the selfish one. But Gratitude is a peculiar quality. 

It’s got several layers. Like an onion, but without the stinky-ness or ability to make you cry. You see practicing Gratitude makes you a ‘Grateful Person’. Something eminently worthy of capital letters. Because a Grateful Person goes out as a positive force into the world. A Grateful Person is a walking ambassador for happiness and generosity. 

Their easy contentment and peace of mind are a joy to be around. Their largesse and tolerance are irresistible breaths of fresh air. And their buoyant self-esteem is reassuring energy that fills the room. Being thankful also keeps the brain and emotions alert to recognizing where others need help in terms of time, money, advice, love. Maybe just understanding. And generosity is a strong part of grateful actions. So by being thankful for all their blessings, they can’t help but spread that optimism and positivity around and when we do that, how can we possibly be selfish?

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