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Interest in giving flowers

Have you ever put a bouquet to your beloved or familiar for no reason at all? Is simply the act of emotion? But believe me, make sure, behind the “for no reason” is the warmth of love very gently …

Since working and having more exposure to jobs in the flower industry, I have felt many wonderful things. Not only do I live with passion, but I also realize the wonders of the colorful love that is happening all day.

I have seen, heard a lot of sweet and passionate feelings that dear customers have included in handwritten cards – maybe customers write themselves and ask us to send flowers and gifts It is also possible that we can write and help our customers with their own words. Among those messages, there were many cards that made us feel warm and romantic as if we were the main character in the story, and of course, we smiled and wished the words would be successful. In fact, for the love story between them will soon bear fruit. There are also some messages that make us laugh because of the humor and mischief of the guy for my girlfriend …. Each card has very cute and unique reasons.

And among them, it is surprising that the flowers sent do not take a special occasion, simply that insiders want to give someone a surprise with cute and extremely close reasons It makes me feel the most, I call it Just Because flowers.

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