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The lack of visibility of comments is making things difficult when asking a question in response to a post. 

In the post, Mobility, I learned interesting things such as the weight of the laptops back then. 

This is a question I wanted to pose to Doc in relation to that post.

1. Things are becoming more simplified. The mobility has been simplified, people don’t have to bother with things that faced the older generation. No more carrying so many printed papers or many batteries for the fear the phone may died during an important event or dire situation.

Doesn’t the world’s need for simplicity leads to extinction of former technologies that are also important? The use of fax machines is declining including scanners. Doesn’t this project a sad fact that some jobs will be wiped out of existence e.g. stationeries that depend of faxing and scanning services etc?


  • Let’s hope the visibility of comments is dealt sooner, ok?

    • Yes


What do you think?

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  1. you asked a great question – my answer would simply be yes and no. Yes, technology evolved to do more because that is the human system for improving tools.

    But simplistic, i would argue that point with you. Phones are 10 times more complex now than they were in the day. People start using them younger, so they are more connected with the functionality, so it appears easier.

    What if i had the power to say no more swiping starting tomorrow – then you would understand the complexity of the phone in your hand!

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