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In Egypt, a 3,000 year old coffins was discovered.

Egyptian authorities have confirmed the discovery of thousands of years old archeology in Al-kasr. According to officials, ancient Egyptian Image captions are engraved on the coffins that were discovered.

Mustafa Waziri, head of Egypt’s ancient antiquities council, said the three coffins belong to the era of the eighteenth rulers of Pharaohs. And are about three and a half thousand years old. According to the Waziri, the period of the Pharaohs dates from 1550 to 1295 BC. The coffins have also been confirmed to be in safe condition.

The three coffins feature colorful images as well as ancient Egyptian sculptures. The discovery of these coffins is the result of the efforts of a French team. The team discovered the coffin during the excavation at the ancient cemetery, Al-Assayev, near the coffin. Al-Assayev’s cemetery is on the west bank of the Nile River.

Another Egyptian official, Fatih Yassin, cited the three coffins as belonging to a woman named Te Abu. The coffin is six feet five inches (190 cm) in length. According to Yasin, this large coffin has beautiful pictures as well as ancient language. The second coffin is also 190 cm in length, he said.

The third is 180 cm long, smaller than the rest of the two coffins. There is no writing on the third coffin, nor can it be ascertained whether it was a man or a woman. Egyptian authorities have described the discovery of the three coffins as a surprise. It is about two kilometers from the Pyramid of Giza. Thirty of ancient coffins were discovered by Egyptian experts in the same region in October this year. A huge museum is being built for ancient Egyptian civilization. These thirty coffins are historically five hundred years later than the three discovered coffins.

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