ICARUS documentary film

Yesterday evening I dedicated the ICARUS documentary.

This film strongly set in motion the brain, the roof of the mouth was painted by nausea. Doping and anti-doping here are two collateral topics; intertwined with honor, dignity, law, truth, human destiny. 

Director Bryan Fogel tousles with his fingers a nest of hornets – a Russian doping scandal. And the more actively that nest of lies and conspiracies is tousled, the more terrible, painful and powerless the viewer feels.

“Sport is not politics” is not valid here. Nor is humanity, the letter of the law is valid. Everything is related. Silence is related to the desire to stay alive in general.

This two-hour documentary does not fit everything that could be accommodated. The black hole of lies, fatalism, conspiracies, and crime has widened too much. But part of the darkness from which some of the high-class clerks, journalists, maybe passers-by, are turning away from,  here is being pulled into the light.

Bryan Fogel won an Oscar for Best Documentary for this documentary film. In my opinion, he won far more. The documentary work he started has become part of the revealing truth. The truth that has finally triumphed. Not yet fully, but at least for the most part.

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