I do not see user lacho59 these days

lacho 59 used to be quite active here but these days I do not see this user.  I enjoyed responding to posts written by this user and the responses received on my posts. 

The last post that lacho59 wrote was

two months ago.

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      • Thanks!!! I wrote you on instagram but you didn’t see it. I was banned for 7 days because of that conflict here again (the one I wrote about), and that actually made me pi**ed completely (it happened when I actually wanted to calm down) because this is the second time it happens because of that user while instead she being punished for writing such things (when I even mentioned such things before my posts were not even approved until I removed it) I do because I defend myself, so now everything just made me don’t want to be here another second but now I calmed a little so I’m still thinking… I was even told that 3-4 users wanted to leave the site because of the fights and I can only imagine which users those are………. 😐 The only difference is that some people will never report anything and some will probably do it without even understanding the issue and reporting me instead of her…!

          • Thanks! I supposed that could be the situation…
            Ah, I know, it’s just hard not to react when you see how some people write about you, then others start commenting and it is unfortunate and unfair admins are not reacting on that while when I do it I get punished!… I was said they warned her a few times about it but I think they are not acting quite fair by only warning her and deleting only my comments and my posts even when they are just simple statements or facts while when she does similar things no one reacts…!

          • Admins are not fair at all… I said them some very bad things because of that and they never ask themselves how many users left because of them and their behavior…

          • PS Sorry, I completely missed the coffee talk part!!! I’m pretty overwhelmed with these other things… :/|( Ok, that is great, I am glad you will join it 🙂 Don’t worry too much about the topic, it can be just a coffee photo and “I like coffee” in it, hehehe 😉 Nothing serious, just whatever you feel… 🙂

          • Really?????????!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 Hahahhaah, yes, I do have such intuition and am a “psychic” in some ways so no wonder, hehehe….. ;D
            Yes, it is, but you know, I’m kinda stubborn and spite, I also had plans what to post next but then all this happened so I thought about finishing that first before posting something different (it is a theme and Virily posts connected in a line), but now I actually feel like not posting at all because I was actually 100% sure I will leave… Now, I’m trying to see if I could stay a little at least maybe in a different mode…

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