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Hunted Down and Exterminated

Do you think my title is a little exaggerated and melodramatic ? Not Really. This beautiful plant  called the Tree Daisy or the Montanoa Hibiscifolia is a most hated bush in Africa, Hawaii and Australia (called Anzac plant).

The tree daisy grows up to 5m in height,  it is a woody member of the aster family. It grows like a dense bush and in summer it is crowded with flowers.

The Tree Daisy was originally cultivated as a garden bush which somehow escaped cultivation and became an invasive weed. It spreads widely through seeds and could easily become a forest on  its own.

I found this bush on one of my road trips. I took pictures of them even though it was mid noon and the sun was at it peak. To me it seemed like the perfect flower for any garden. I had no clue then about what the plant was.

I finally got down to do a bit more research on the plant and found that this beauty faces a terrible destiny. I wish I had brought home a cutting or two to preserve this beauty for the future.

The hunt is on and if I ever see this plant it will become a much loved plant in my garden.

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    Do you think it is okay to destroy a specie of plants?

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    • No
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    Do you like these flowers?

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What do you think?


Written by Dawn

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  1. as always you bring a great debate to us.

    I suspect that we, as a species spend far to much time attempting to control our world. It is time for us to seek harmony with nature.

    we are not the masters of the earth we are voyagers with the rest.

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