How To Make A Toasted Egg Sandwich In One Go.

Scrambled eggs, so, how on earth can this be something to even discuss, right? In the same vein, one might ask, can there still be an angle not yet photographed of our pets, plants, and sunsets, well, clearly, there is since see what Virillian posts trend, right?

This tasty egg sandwich went viral as a result of several million viewers who thought it was sooo cool I do too and am making this almost daily.

Preparing breakfast, especially when one is late for the office has now become an easy task through a viral recipe showing prepping of an egg sandwich in one go on the pan. A simple way to make a toasted egg sandwich in one go, by putting all the ingredients into one pan. 

Start by melting butter in a frying pan, before pouring in two eggs that are lightly whisked and seasoned in a bowl. Covers the bottom of the pan with the egg mix and lets it cook for a moment, before adding a slice of bread and coating each side in the remaining uncooked egg. 

Do the same thing with the second slice of bread, putting them down next to each other. Then cook the eggs, before folding them over the side of the bread with a spatula and then putting the two pieces of bread together to form a sandwich. Finally, allow the bread to brown a little more on each side, before serving the snack.

Hello, Elenka, your muffin cup is a star, thank you. May you find the same delight in this quick tasty meal for midnight-oil burners like me and you? (lol)


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