How to Make a Point Without Yelling

Right now, in the United States there is plenty of yelling and very few people are listening. (It is hard to listen when everyone is yelling.) So here there will be no yelling and some helpful tips to make your point.

Make it Impersonal – There may always be some who assume you are referring directly to them. Let that go, you have no control of their perceived guilt. Talk about situations not actions not people. “The driving was unsafe. Cars were moving too fast. Blinkers were not in use. Cars were too close to each other.” 

Clearly this all has to do with the driver of the car. That point came across and it never said anything about drivers.

Ask Clarifying Questions

When you feel challenged and begin to feel like yelling is the next best option, instead ask a clarifying question. “Did you disagree with the facts or simply my opinion of the facts?”

Change Your Tone

In order to change your tone, you must recognize how others perceive your tone. You may thing you are speaking with polite authority and they may thing you are a smug know it all. Practice with someone you love and trust.

Work on these three things. Once you get these down, let me know and I ‘ll share some others.

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  • Do you consider yourself a good listener?

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