How To Get From Here To Where You Want To Be

Do you realize how powerful your thoughts are? Do you recognize the fact that your thoughts pre-pave the way to all that you do? In essence, your thoughts are like a magic wand that you wave over any situation. Whether it’s your golf swing, your competitive edge in business, your romantic life or your ability to stay calm under stress, you already have the magic wand!

To unlock your power to transform your current situation, you must raise your awareness of your thoughts. Often, your thoughts are on auto-pilot. which simply means, that on auto-pilot, the wand is wreaking havoc, rather than making magic. Is your, “wand”, inner voice comparing you to others? Are you wondering if they are better than you? Thinner? Happier? When your thoughts are centered on the comparison, you begin a slow-languid downward spiral. 

What you focus upon, grows. BAM! Magic! Where you put your attention nurtures the outcomes you experience. The good news is, you can shift from using your wand for the “unwanted” to making the real magic happen. To break the habit of ruminating upon unwanted experiences, you must have the intention of noticing your own thoughts and examining if your thoughts are pointing you in your desired direction. For example, thoughts of fear are comprised of the anticipation of future pain. 

Thoughts of guilt, are the playback of unwanted and frankly, “useless”  past experiences. Can you imagine a light bulb with a pull chain? Just like the one in your attic? Imagine your mind is your precious, personal attic shining the light of awareness upon your thoughts. 

All it takes is intention. When you are aware of your thoughts, the magic happens as you shift toward thinking of what you want- like intimacy, success, or peace. The manifestation of your desires is preceded by your thoughts. Magnify your thoughts by feeling what it is like to have your deep desire. Your feelings contribute to the activation of your thoughts. Before you know it, thinking and feeling with awareness will whisk you to your desired destination.

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    • It does Jenna, you had made a positive decision about heaven and hell and where you want to be, this much I know about you but have you ever wondered how hard it can be for someone, plagued by feelings of self-doubting and feelings of low self-worth, (which you and I already know, is not important to our creator) and what an article could do to them if you showed them how you got to where you are today? 🙂

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