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I have managed to get this remarkable video about the efficacy of the awaited COVID 19 world vaccination program by the WHO. I believe it’s in everyone’s own hands, to make sure before embarking on a road of no return. The facts about vaccines are not about a group anti-vaccine lobbyists as opposed to another group being labeled as pro-vacciners it’s really about all of us being PRO-KID, ie. what’s the best health option for your child.

The video is not a condensed version as I just would not be able to select and remove any of the vital information.


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  1. i worry that the anti-vax groups don’t have facts to argue. There was a US outbreak of measles last year after 20 years of the anti-vax movement. Not a single child vaccinated against measles died in the outbreak.

    2 anti-vaxers offspring died.

    I love your title, thanks this is really important!

    • Doc, there are so many conflicting statements, that’s why I wanted to approach the subject from an unbiased position, as in the end, it is all about doing the best we can for our children on both sides of the spectrum, we’ll want to the pro-children. I’m in total murky water with regards to virology and immunization but way back, several mistakes were made, DDT, Agen Orange and so many more innocently, or by design. I know that things are going on that ought not to, for instance, while people dying right now, the department of agriculture are “depopulating” the entire hog industry, culling a million cows for fertilizer, they are culling 10,00000 chickens and composting entire crop yields. In the name of decency, how can that be okay? I’m concerned, because what happens in America spills over into all other wannabee countries, whether we like it or not, your internal problems become ours and finally, ours will become your taxpayers’ problem, (Africa’s eternal need for humanitarian aid. Check out this video for info:

      • Can you remedy my new Dell laptop spacebar? It’s not spacing words and my spellchecker tries to make sense of the gobbledygook. It’s driving me nuts, is there some kind of setting, doesn’t space words like the typo above, Here:” we’ll want to the pro-children.??!” Should have read, we all want wat’s best for our children, sorry. (lol)

      • you’ve captured the argument well in the end. The reality of argument is scary./ DDT and agent orange were designed to remove weeds and foliage. So they are horrible mistakes that broad impact but not always on the issue of vaccines.

        America is no longer the largest pollution creator in the world. We lost that title to China about two years ago.
        but that said both nations need to get this under control going forward.

        I suspect if you want a very harsh view of the situation in Africa, I would say that the colonial powers owe a reparation payment to the African nations for everything taken from them when they ere colonies.

        • We are all colonists, and in nature, it is about the survival of the fittest, I mean, Doc, seriously, the entire food chain is a very vivid example. If the Indians had the tenacity could they have been conquered by the tiny group of colonists, the answer is NO. If the gazelle had what it takes, tenacity, skills, or whatsoever, to turn lions into a meal we would have felt pity for the lion, right? Well, they don’t. If the once-mighty Indian nation were skilled enough they would have been equipped to wipe your brave founding fathers into the sea, with ease. But they weren’t and that’s that!

          It does not, however, give you or I the right to harm or exploit them in any way as fellow creatures of God, nor am I supposed to atone or eternally apologize, even grovel before them, for God having made the vanquished of the world, what they are, and forever will be, the prey, who gave us a leg up, that same God? because I was given the skills to be the dominant-race instead of that of a hunter-gatherer. In a way, the more I pity those beings, the more I grovel before them, and apologize for being created superior, by implication, the more disrespect I show towards our creator. That is being arrogant to the extreme.

          Through your actions, you’re saying, don’t worry, my good man, God made a huge mistake in creating you as a lesser creature who will eternally require some form of aid and assistance, let me fix you.

          • God rested after completing His creation, and He said it is good. Ie. flawless in every way. All creatures were not created equal but all were created perfectly. A lion and a tiger are feline but they don’t mate in nature unless man intervenes and fixes God’s mistakes. Read up what really got Lucifer kicked out of heaven. I consider you a wise and thinking man, Doc, I believe, you know that. Yet, I would urge you to acquaint yourself of his, Lucifer’s transgression, (his so-called deadly sin) It may just surprise you how easily he got evicted, so to speak.

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