How Familiar are you with English literature?

Some of us started to read as we were encouraged to read as children by our parents and teachers. We may have started by reading chidren books, young adult books and then classics and other best selling fiction. It is while I was in college that I started to read many of the books of English literature which I borrowed from the library in our city. Are you familiar with books from English literature? Even if you may not have read most of them you may have come across their names. Let us see how many of them you are familiar with.

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    Who is the author of the book ”Ivanhoe”?

    • Charles Dickens
    • Walter Scott
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    Who wrote ” Moby-Dick”?

    • Herman Melville
    • Thomas Hardy
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    Who wrote ”Rabecca?”

    • George Eliot.
    • Daphne Du Maurier


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  1. …i think you should make this on Create A Quiz rather than Poll…since poll is only good for votes…while quiz are for facts and truth and needs exact result for an answer…nevertheless, good job for this topic.. :/


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