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How Do You Know When Someone Really Loves You?


That’s my short answer. You know, I’m not just talking about the physical kind. Neither am I talking about the hearts and flowers and candy kind. Not the I love you as long as you do what I want kind. To know if someone really loves you, it takes time. It’s not about just words but actions. 

It’s having the ability to truly say and show what you really feel. Love is not judgmental or controlling. Love is freedom. Love is clear water, meaning the person does not have an agenda. You don’t have to lose weight or dress a certain way. Love is acceptance on all levels. If you want to lose weight because you want to feel more attractive to a person then do it. 

Your or their actions are defined by wanting to please yourself and the person you love. The communication? Most marriages fail not because of money or infidelity, it’s being afraid to say what you truly feel and fearing the person will leave you or not think of you quite the same way afterward. If you truly want love, be bold enough to withstand all that comes with it, patience, sacrifice, understanding, giving, and sharing of your whole life. If the person has exuded all of those qualities, then yes, they are indeed in love with you. and congratulations!

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