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Hope Amidst Doom and Gloom

Reading the news this morning I was taken aback by the the number of deaths the world over. The pandemic called covid19 is not only spreading fast but killing people like flies. It is depressing to read/watch the news these days.

One thing that worries and confounds me is that despite warnings by WHO and their respective countries people do not follow the norms laid down to prevent the spread of the pandemic. They seem to still be doing their own stuff in the belief that Covid 19 doesn’t affect young /strong people. What they do not understand is that they are not just putting themselves at risk but their significant others too, especially their close contacts.

This may be overlooked if it happens in underdeveloped countries, but it is alarming when the most developed countries of the world will not abide by the instructions given.

Physical and mental abuse is on the rise with the lockdown in many countries. The lockdown seems to have brought out the worst in couples with previous history of conflicts

The elderly whose lifestyles are already limited are facing more stress and loneliness now. Some countries have set up helplines for the elderly, which is great.

More suicides are also being reported in the past week. Various mental health issues are on the rise these days .

Countries are running our of hospital beds, medicines, protective gear for doctors and health care professionals, equipment including ventilators.

But out of all this has risen a breed of people who have dedicated themselves to save lives,  extend a helping hand , give new hope and donate generously to help their governments to do more. Even little children have been donating from their piggy banks.

I have hope that we are not all lost. Humanity still exists.

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    It is always great to hear some good news amidst the doom and gloom , right?

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    Have you heard stories of hope lately? Will you share it in the comments?


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