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Holi~ The Festival of Colours

Hey Everyone, That’s how my Holi celebrations looked like. For centuries, Hindus have been celebrating Holi as the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Also known as ‘Festival of Colours’, Holi is famous for the coloured powders with which revellers shower the crowds. ⁠

Happy Holi To My Virliy Family  🙂

Image ©AnkushBhalla, 2020

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Written by Ankush Bhalla


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  1. Happy Holi to you!
    I didn’t really know about this festival, and I don’t see the Indians in my country celebrate this festival. Perhaps some of them do, but just not so popular. It’s always good to know more about other cultures and festivals from Virily. 🙂

  2. I was playing City Girl Game on facebook, and one of the missions was about celebrating holi day. i didnt know what that was. so, i google it, and realized it was hindi. this is the first time i have heard of holi celebration.


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