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Heart of the banana

The banana blossom is called heart in our culture. The heart has a connotation of compassion and love that sometimes people say that the banana is the most compassionate when it comes to non-human objects. And the blossom has many stories to tell, from the amulet that can be obtained from the banana blossom and also the magic fingers that are inside of it.

The blossom of the banana is the vessel for the small fruits. It is like the womb of the human for the unborn baby. When the small bananas are appearing, the cover falls off to expose the little bananas. And as the clusters come out the blossom is being undressed that sooner or later it has to go and leave the fruits for the harvest. What story can you think about the banana blossom? My idea is that it can be the nanny for the kids.

  • Do you have a banana plant?

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    • we do not have a garden
    • banana may not grow here


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Written by Alex Socorro


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