He Was So Disappointed

It was his first year to stay up with the older kids to welcome the New Year. He is young and usually up at that time of night, but in his room playing games and creating chaos. He spends a lot of time in his own little world. He different than other children and he reminds me often. 

I didn’t stay up to welcome the New Year. I was fast asleep. The phone rang and it was his ring, I was wide awake and worried as I grabbed the phone.


“Hi, guess what?”


“Nothing really changes at New Years. People just make a big mess and someone will have to clean it all up.  I don’t ever have to do this again. Love you and bye.”

My husband growled. “Who was that?”

“The youngest, he just wanted to let us know that nothing really happens when the new year arrives. He rolled over and was to snoring in seconds.”

Welcome 2019.


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Written by Ghostwriter