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Having a poor eyesight

It is recommended to school teachers to check on students who are having a hard time in reaching the passing grade. One of the causes may be poor eyesight. In our grade school classes, there were 3 classmates who were found out to have poor eyesight that they were prescribed to wear eyeglasses. After that, their grades got better and better, proof that poor eyesight can largely affect the studies of children.

For the adults, poor eyesight can sometimes be ignored or mistaken for some other issues like being tired of maybe lacking in sleep. It is normal for a person to have difficulty in reading when the eyes are tired especially when there is not enough sleep. A regular trip to the eye doctor is recommended like once a year just for a checkup if the eyes are still that good or if the glasses need an upgrade.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. My dad wore glasses so when I was in the 6th grade I found out I needed glasses too. I have worn glasses all my life. Now I have to take my glasses off when I need to read some fine print and I can read without them.

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