Have You Seen Your Earnings Drop?

You write, you post, you wait.

People read your work. You get comments. Your earnings rise. You close off at $11.34.

In the morning, when you log on, your earning have been dropped to $9.45.

In fact every time you reach $10 or more, your earnings are dropped below the threshold so the owners don’t pay you..


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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  1. As usual, the ‘redemption’ period passes when I am listed Below redemption. As soon as it passes I’m up. I now have $13.51. I know that towards the end of the month they’ll drop again so the site won’t pay.

  2. When I posted this item, I had dropped from $11 and change to $9.94. As you can see, people have read it, and responded. I am still at $9.94.

    People have read and commented on other articles.

    I am still at $9.94.

    I have just posted another article.

    It doesn’t matter if I get 2k virils or 2, for it looks like my earnings have been locked at $9.94. 6c below payout.


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