Have You Seen Your Earnings Drop?

You write, you post, you wait.

People read your work. You get comments. Your earnings rise. You close off at $11.34.

In the morning, when you log on, your earning have been dropped to $9.45.

In fact every time you reach $10 or more, your earnings are dropped below the threshold so the owners don’t pay you..

What do you think?

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Written by jaylar

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    • As usual, the ‘redemption’ period passes when I am listed Below redemption. As soon as it passes I’m up. I now have $13.51. I know that towards the end of the month they’ll drop again so the site won’t pay.

      • If you now have 13$now it is possible that 4$ are from the current month so you actually haven’t yet reached the minimum during the previous months —– you earned only 9$, so your payment then should be next month! It’s like you don’t know to interpret the dashboard correctly, everyone was and is paid here…!

      • Take a look at the Balance on the bottom of the dashboard page, and there are all your earnings for each month, when you sum all them up you get the current earnings. The reason your earnings always “drop” at the beginning of each month is because you can see only the earnings for the previous months until they calculate the current and the previuous month in it and update the dashboard properly!
        I see you have 44500 points so you are probably paid 1, 2 or 3 times till now…..

          • I have been paid twice, now it should be the third time and I have almost 68000. The value of a Viril can be really low sometimes so it takes a lot of points to earn in order to get paid, sometimes even double or tripple sum than usual (unfortunately), so with 44000 lets say the value was 1/2 so it needed around 20000 for 1 payment… But if what you earned was higher than that at the time, and what you said is true, then write to admins!

  1. When I posted this item, I had dropped from $11 and change to $9.94. As you can see, people have read it, and responded. I am still at $9.94.

    People have read and commented on other articles.

    I am still at $9.94.

    I have just posted another article.

    It doesn’t matter if I get 2k virils or 2, for it looks like my earnings have been locked at $9.94. 6c below payout.


    • It is very important WHEN exactly is this happening…..! If it’s happening at the beginning of each month then it is just a temporary thing until dashboard updates properly, it happens to all of us! It’s always “pending” not only on your dashboard!!!! I told you the dashboard is not updating properly!

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