Grated corn delicacy

This kind of corn snack is a traditional snack food in our country. I grew up with this grated corn that is called Binatog. The grated corn is boiled although some say that steaming it is better. Right after harvesting from the pot, grated coconut is mixed with the corn and that’s it.

For eating the grated corn, it is dashed with salt although for me, I prefer to add sugar so it will be sweet to eat. The grated corn is heavy so a bowl can fill your tummy to the brim.

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Written by Alex Socorro


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  1. We also grow white corn which we call mealies in South-Africa. we take an empty jam tin, grease, sides, and base with butter, add half a cup of self-raising flour to two cups of raw corn, add a pinch of salt, to a mixing bowl, and mix well. Then fill the empty tin to the brim with the mixture, (press firmly down). Next, we place the entire, corn-filled tin inside a half-filled large pot of cold water, (water-surface is halfway up the tin) On medium heat, steam-cook for 35 minutes or until cooked, with the pot lid on, then allow to cool before removing the jam-tin from the pot. Next, carefully remove the contents, cut into slices, and serve as is or with butter and jam. CORN-BREAD- is a 400 years old pioneer recipe

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