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'Grammarly'- you are a pain I say!!

First things first.  Virily is not a grammar class.  What is expected here is interesting stuff that can attract viewers/readers. If I do not put a comma, a hyphen or I fail to   put something in full capitals my post will still be read and with interest. 

You decorate my post with loads of red lines – all irrelevant in my opinion.  Let me make it clear.  When I write articles for requesters I am particular about all that you point out here. 

Let me give you an example.  You wanted me to write COVID-19 instead of Covid-19. I just ignored you  You want me to add a comma before the world ‘and’  – never heard of such a thing  I ignored you again  I  could go on and on……………   

Unfortunately however I just do not feel comfortable until I have got rid of all those red lines before I click the ‘publish’ button.😉

  • Do you obey ‘Grammarly’ every step of the way?


What do you think?


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