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Digging through my digital photo folder I came across this photo of gladiolus that I had once upon a time  in my garden.  For reasons unknown they no longer thrive.  I had preserved the bulbs but they did not show up. 

Gladioli are ideal for flower arrangements.  They come in several colours.  The buds open up one at a time and the sheaf lasts for several days both on the plant and in the flower vase. 

I have a lot of revamping to do in my garden and I am trying to bring back others flowers too such the dahlia and ofcourse gladioli. . 

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  1. I am glad that you posted a gladioli. On the poll questions, you have to enter the poll question then click cancel and go back into the poll until the question shows up properly. I have to do 3 or 4 tries before the poll question shows up correctly.


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