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Getting fond of barbecue

Meat barbecue is not easy to prepare since you have to slice the meat and marinate it for a time. When cooking, you need charcoal for grilling. For those who can afford, there are grills that use gas so it is not messy and so easy to cook barbecue. But for us, our only choice for a real barbecue is to use the charcoal.

Broiled or roasted meat is healthier than fried. Especially with pork which exudes an aroma that is worth salivating, the pork is cleaned of impurities when grilled. The heat extracts the excess fatty oil to leave the meat leaner and tastier. Even beef is better to eat when broiled or roasted so eating steak is supposed to be healthy. When we bought a new grill, we got excited to have barbecue. But it’s still a lot of work since we are stuck with the use of charcoal.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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