Gerbera Daisy Facts

For the col,or crazy challenge this week Kim has chosen orange. So here I share some interesting facts about my favorite flower gerbera.

Gerbera daisy is the fifth most popular cut flower in the world. It has a long vase life – almost two weeks can you believe this?

Apparently this flower is a cluster of hundreds of individual flowers.

Bees and butterflies are as attracted to Gerberas as are humans.

These flowers stand for beauty and good cheer.

Gerberas are great on your bedside table not only because they are beautiful but also because they emit oxygen at night and absorb toxins and carbon monoxide at night.

Like sunflowers Gerberas track the sun and keep changing direction during the day.

Gerberas are available in all colors except blue.

They grow from tubers and hate having wet feet.

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