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Frugal living

I sowed my cabbage seed a bit late this year,  if I had been on time I would have harvested most by now. I am happy  that I am late with sowing some seeds as they seem to be helping me out during the lockdown. The cabbages are growing fast and furious that by the end of the month most will be ready for harvest. while we have already harvested  3 fast growers.

Right now I have harvested a good amount of sweet potatoes, ivy gourds and other gourds.Lettuce and spinach are always there anytime I want them. That makes life easy for me , I don’t have to go hunting for fresh vegetables which are in short supply now.

I love making dumplings (Chines style) and using fresh crunchy cabbages with minced meat is reducing my need for onions. I am finding a lot of flavors that work together this way. I am also learning to work with limited resources, a great lesson in frugal living.

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    Are you learning to live frugally because of the lockdown?

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    Is life the same for you during this period?


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  1. I always do the same thing before and now. I cook at home. This is also frugal for me. Very rarely do I afford to buy desserts and pizzas from the store. I only produce garlic, parsley and dill.

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