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Four Wings

There is a vacant lot next to our home. A variety of wild plants grow almost everywhere on that lot. Because of those plants, the lot has become a habitat for different kind of insects. I can’t actually identify many of these insects. Well… I don’t really know much about insects except for the very common ones.

However, I have been very interested in taking photos of these insects. However, catching them with point and shoot digital camera or a phone camera is quite difficult.

Thanks to modern technology though, the AI in a camera phone helps taking good photos.

One of the tiny flying creatures that I always see is this four-winged moth (I think it’s a moth anyway). From the little knowledge that I know moths don’t usually fold their wings up when they are not flying. This one had a pair spread laterally, and another pair is folded vertically.

  • Do you know what specie of moth is this? (please tell me the name on the comment if you know)

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  • Do you know an app or a website that can identify insects from photos?

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