Faith has nothing to do with the virus

One local philosopher here said that our faith in religion has nothing to do with the covid-19 virus because the virus is science and not supernatural. It can be considered a ghost since we cannot see the virus like the ghost that we are usually afraid of. But the ghost doesn’t kill and the virus can kill all of us. So this time we should take the side of science and momentarily forget the side of faith.

In South Korea, it is the congregation of a Christian church that caused the epidemic there. Thousands of new cases came up because of the contamination among the faithful of the religious sect. Recently in India, the 138 Muslims who were infected were present in an activity in one mosque. Even a rabbi in Israel is not spared. So maybe I have to believe that let’s believe more in science for now.

  • Do go to church?


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Written by Alex Socorro

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  1. Interesting point… my thought of this is… I guess we have been asking God to listen to us and provide what we ask for, but never pause and listen to Him. I guess this virus is His way of saying… it’s time for us to stop and listen.

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