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Exercising in the morning

Doing sports early in the morning sometimes involves changing your daily routine and hours of sleep. Getting out of bed can be a real “headache” and when the alarm goes off, the desire is to stay there. However, waking up early boosts your productivity and, consequently, increases the feeling of efficiency and proactivity.

The benefits of morning training are more significant than you think.

IMPROVES THE REST OF YOUR DAY – Training increases the production of hormones responsible for pleasure and well-being, influencing the supply of energy to our body.

ACCELERATES METABOLISM – Exercise increases your metabolic rate and, if you choose to train in the morning, keeps you elevated for more hours, which allows you to burn calories for the rest of the day. In addition, your productivity is higher at this stage of the day, allowing, consequently, greater muscle evolution.

THE CONSUMPTION OF CALORIES OVER THE DAY DECREASES – Those who exercise their bodies early have a tendency to ingest a lesser amount of calories, enabling weight loss.

CONTRIBUTES TO A GOOD SLEEPING NIGHT – The ability to sleep well is fundamental to health. Waking up early, exercising and carrying out daily activities will help you have a deep night’s rest.

However, pay attention. Because your body has been standing still for a long time, it is important not to start with intense movements right away. Take some time to adapt and warm up.

Put the sloth aside, equip yourself and start training with stretching exercises to avoid muscle injuries. After an adaptation period, you will see the results.

And don’t forget that the morning starts the day.

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