Drafts and Pending are back! (Edited)

I wrote about changing the look of the site. I like the new look of Virily. I wrote a few texts yesterday and i wanted to see if they were still in “Pending”. There are only “Posts” in the Menu with a pencil picture. It has been written twice “Posts”. There was a small pen in front and a globe in front of the second title. There is only one “Posts” now. I think it’s better if they only write “Posts” once and there might be texts waiting to be published. There might be “Drafts” also.

This is a first approved post i edited now. Pending and Drafts posts are back now. I am glad because Virily works good. 🙂

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    Did you see “Drafts” missing?

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    Do you see “Drafts” somewhere?

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