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Door Mats with Company Emblems

It is surprising that Companies think nothing of having their emblems etched on door mats. Door mats are stamped on and that would mean emblems being stamped on too.

I cam across this when I was working for a Company.  I just could not accept the fact that staff and others would walk over our Company Emblem. 

I took up the matter with Management and they did act on it  All the door mats with the Company’s emblem were removed. 

  • Is it OK for Company emblems to be etched on door mats?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?


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  1. I’m surprised at that attitude – I suppose walking on the logo or name could be seen as a symbolic insult, but not everybody takes that view. It was traditional for shop doorways to have the name in the entrance in the form of a tiled mosaic, and i don’t recall anyone taking the line that has been talked about here.


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