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Don’t Start the Year Until You Have It Finished

This is a late upload. This is the post that I was referring to that I could not edit (  After a few days, the draft has become totally unaccessible, so I had to start all over again.

What Jim Rohn was trying to say is, in order to have a productive life, you must write your goals and plans for each day before you start it. Before the start of each week , you must have already written your goals for the week. And it follows that you must write your monthly and yearly goals.

Personally, I have been trying to write down my plans and goals every year. However, after a while, I tend to not to look at that list of goals and forget about them.

I believe, cutting down the yearly goals to monthly, weekly and daily goals, would help create stepping stones that we need to achieve the much bigger goals.

As of now, I have written my goals for 2020 on my Evernote and read them every morning… Also I started writing a more detailed monthly goals on a notebook.

Writing the daily goal though is where I struggle. Though I think of the things that I need to do the next day before I go to sleep, I think it would really help if they are written down.

Happy New Year!

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