Dogs can understand us most of the time

Dogs cannot talk but they can hear and we believe that they try their best to learn our language and gestures. Usually our dogs at 1 year old can already understand the rules of the house. They cannot mess up the floor so when there is the call of nature they should go to the door as a sign that they need to go out and do their thing.

We have also noticed that they are jolly when we are happy with laughter as the indication for them. When we are angry the loud voice is the signal. At least we have a mode of communication that only us can understand.

  • Do you see your dogs talking to each other?

    • Yes


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Written by Alex Socorro


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  1. I had one dog of my own and two cats and I know they understand me or understood me when I talked to them. They do talk, we just do not understand them. I talk to my Sophie in both Hebrew and English and she understands quite well what I am saying to her.

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