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Do you want to live in a smart home?

Imagine this

When your alarm goes off in the morning, the curtain draws open to let the sunlight in. When you hit the shower, the water was preheated just on the right temperature. Then by the time you reach the kitchen, a pot of freshly brewed coffee is already waiting for you.

No, you don’t have a maid and everyone else in the house are still getting up from their bed.

Just as when you are about to leave for work, a message on the refrigerator screen reminds you that you already have a couple of eggs left and no more milk.

After work, on your way home, you are about to pass by a grocery store and your phone beeps. A message that reminds you that you need to buy some eggs and milk appears on your screen.

You and your family planned to have dinner at a newly opened restaurant and you will come home late. At the restaurant, you connected to your home network and remotely turned on the lights around the house. A few minutes later the lights on the living room also turned on. As if somebody is in the house.

Two minutes away from home, you connected once again to your home network using your phone.  You said,

“Alexa, open the garage.”

By the time you reach your home, the garage door is already opening.

When you opened the door leading to your living room, the TV turned on and tuned to your favorite channel.

This is just one of the many possible scenarios of what you can if you have a smart home. In my cblog How Would Like To Live In A Smart Home, I have discussed there what you need to have a smart home.

With the development of technology today, the cost of having a smart home has become more affordable.

If you don’t live in a smart home, would like to live in one?

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    Would you spend some extra money to invest in a smart home?

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    Do you think it is advantageous to live in a smart home?

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  1. If I would have enough fund for one, I would go for it. But probably, I need to work for more like 10x of the current effort in order to achieve that. For now, I would be happy enjoying what I can afford to have.

  2. Computers can all go wrong, or not work at all especially if you get a power outage.
    Maybe the smart home could instantly turn on a generator when the power outage occurs..

    No there are some things I like to do myself. i wouldn’t mind it doing the vacuuming and floors for me.


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