A close friend stopped by to have a chat. He came unannounced and I quickly warmed so tea, as it is still very cold here. I had just returned from plowing driveways. We have some equipment that others don’t have it seems the neighborly thing to do. 

He said “Don’t offer to plow out people’s drive way. There are businesses that get paid to do that. You are stealing their business.”

I gave my usual response “Thank you for sharing your opinion.” He pushed back.

I finally let go. “We waited for three days for those business people to contact these neighbors and offer their services. They have not been able to leave their house for three days. It’s cold. They may need things. It’s a neighborly thing to do.” I asked him to leave and locked the door behind him.

Then I thought about the tone of our nation. Mitt Romney had to go sound off about President Trump before he was even sworn in. There is no civility there at all. Thanks for being an example Mitt, I used it in the classroom and with the public. This is an example of uncivilized behavior and it was uncalled for. There are many more examples, but because I live in Utah it was the most relevant to the people here.

Nancy Pelose made her ridiculous statement that walls are immoral. Walls are anything but walls. Walls and fences protect congress. Perhaps they should be required to meet outside in a wide open field with no security. Let’s insist that congress meet that way because walls are immoral. (Yes I am taking it way farther, and that is where we are.) Every thing is a slap in the face to the people who just want to do the right thing.

Yes, we want a pathway to citizenship. No we don’t want illegals and criminals coming into our country. No we really don’t care about your political games, we care about logical and legal results.  No we don’t care who you hate or like. You were elected to do a job, not resist doing a job.

It’s no wonder that everyone questions kindness and civility. There isn’t enough of it for people to recognize and remember what it is.

My tone is one of anger. Still I used no vulgar language. I am not a fan of any particular politicians. If you could introduce me to just one who put the needs of the people first I would be astonished and perhaps have renewed hope. As for now, any thing they say, do or don’t do just seems like another slap in the face of the people who pay the taxes to pay their wages the get them there.

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Written by Ghostwriter