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This was one of my favorite scenes at dawn before we moved to our new home. When I open the guest bedroom door every morning this is what I see.  The sunrise spreading its golden glow all around, a silhouette of the trees from our balcony and breathe the fresh morning air.

The flowers that bloom in my balcony always filled me with so much happiness.  The sweet warmth of the sun’s rays slicing through the cool morning air filed me with new energy to face another day. A little later the trees would be set afire with the pleasing glow of the young sun. It was almost picture perfect mornings . I would love to stand and feel the warmth on my face and shoulders before I got ready to go in and finish the rest of the work in the kitchen.

The pseudonym I use here and on some other sites was inspired by my love for the morning scene.   I miss this sight now. We can hardly see the sunrise from our new home. There are days when I wish I could ask my tenants to move out so I could go back to my small, little space in the apartment.

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    Does the sunrise fill you with energy and hope to face the new day?

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    Do you ever get out and bathe yourself in the warmth of the sun?

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