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Dancing as a therapy

Some decades back when the ballroom dancing became popular in our country, it was said that dancing is a nice therapy especially for the oldies. That may be the reason why ballroom dancing has  the so called D.I. (dance instructors) who are usually young to inspire the ladies and the gentlemen on the dance floor. It can be likened to playing golf that you have to pay for the caddie and in dancing, the D.I. is your caddie.

But since ballroom dancing is as expensive as golf, the oldies who cannot afford that kind of dancing invented the zumba which is a community dancing. The zumba is normally held in a public place like the plaza or a park or in the village clubhouse. It is open to participants. The organizer provides the sound system for the music and usually there is a master dancer who provides the appropriate dance steps. The intention is for an exercise but it is definitely a good therapy too.

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Written by Alex Socorro

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