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Cutting back to save the Earth

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The Democrats in the US Congress have introduced a bill called the Green New Deal which they believe will solve the world’s environmental problems. Many Democrats realize that the bill, as written, would bankrupt America while not accomplishing its goals because China and India are the major source of pollution. 

Yesterday the Senate Republicans called for a vote on the bill because they wanted to force the hand of the Democrats by making them take a position on the bill. 

Today I was listening to a discussion on all of this. One of the pundits said that the Republicans should be careful because many young voters are very concerned about the environment. 

I started to wonder how true that statement was. It’s one thing to march in favor of renewable energy sources but we right now, without any cost, simply cut back. But how many of today’s young voters would be willing to give up their phones iPads or laptops? 

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What do you think?


Written by Gary J Sibio

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  1. Yes, the effects of climate change is here right now and the rate of change is accelerating . We are already seeing the effects in New Zealand.
    Individuals can share their car rides to work, compost their own vegetables, grow as many plants as possible and use natural herbs instead of chemical.
    Electric cars are coming in.

  2. The reality of who produces the most pollution is interesting. First off, if you take today China, India, and other developing nations produce much more than the US. Although, in fairness, it isn’t by as much as people believe.

    if you take the last 50 years, then the US and Europe have produced the most pollution by a significant amount.

    In the 1960s the US government ignored the voices of the young of America. Did that work out? In the 1970’s it happened again. Did that work out?

    In fact if we wander back in time, the youth of the world have spoken out time and time again. Governments around the world have ignored them.

    Those governments are new now. I wonder why…

    • Have you seen photos of Beijing lately. It looks like the London smog at its very worst. The USA is much cleaner now than it was in the 60s and 70s. I remember as a kid driving on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and wanting to vomit from the awful smell generated by Pittsburgh which was nowhere near the turnpike. The Cuyahoga River no longer catches on fire. I can wade out into Lake Michigan up to my neck and see the bottom. Fish from Lake Michigan are now edible. Acid rain is no longer an issue. You are just plain wrong when you say that the USA and Europe have produced the most pollution in the last 50 years. That’s just nonsense.

      The youth of today are being propagandized by an educational system which promotes Socialism, a system which has never worked and never will. They lack the knowledge and the experience to see the errors in what they are being taught.

      • I suspect Gary, that you as well are being propagandized. The reality of climate change is not one year. The reality of what is happening in the world is HUGE. A whale (dead) washed up on a California beach with a stomach so full of plastic the whale starved to death.

        Seriously, the world is in trouble. We, as a country, as you’ve nicely pointed out, started the problem.

        I am sorry but just like the 1960’s when young people protested being sent for a war I think the young people are right about the ecology of the world.

        It is time for the entire world to work together to solve this problem. That includes the US, because no matter how clean our air is, we share the same global atmosphere as China and India.

        Oh yeah and don’t forget, how did we clean our air? We sent our factories to India and China!

        • The fact that a whale washed up on a California beach does not prove that the plastic originated here. Whales have huge ranges. The USA dumps very little plastic into the ocean compared to China. We shouldn’t be dumping any but even if that goal was accomplished, it would only make a minute difference in the problem. China is not interested in cleaning up its act.

          Our air and water was cleaned up long before we built factories in China and India. Their environmental problems also predate that. Our factories did not fill the Ganges River with human feces.

          The world is not interested in working together. They just want our money. Check this out:

          • Gary, the link you shared is a huge anti-climate change article tht has been debunked by a number of reputable sources.

            I am not going to convince you that what you are saying is nuanced. I won’t convince you, as I couldn’t with your wind turbine claim as well.

            It is sad, so I will leave you with the climate change argument I end within this case every time. If you are so confident, leave Chicago, and buy ocean front property in a low lying part of the world.

            And practice swimming. Climate change is real. Debunking it with articles from 2010 that have debunked themselves isn’t an argument.

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