Crying in lover separation is also beneficial – Research

Scientists says that one person tears an average of 16.5 gallons (more than 70 liters) tears in his life, but do you know that tearing can help you in weight loss and can make heart comfort.

There are some people who hide their emotions and tears and feel embarrassed by tearing, but if some one tell you that, not controlling the emotion and crying is more beneficial for you since it reduce the weight while controlling feeling or emotions can increase your weight.

Yes. from a research it is proven that crying and tearing in separation of lover can help you in weight loss. . According to research, specific hormones are removed in the tears of those who do not control emotions, which increases the level of cortisol, which is called (Prolactin Leu-enkephalin Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH, Corticotropin). All these hormones are born when we are under severe stress and these hormones are responsible for our weight loss and heart comfort.

In this regard, the experts have said that the better time to cry is from evening to 10 pm. This is the time when people are like with their beloved or watch their favorite movies that force them to cry or missing them badly before sleep.

So if your relationship is over and you are passing through hard time, than cry with open heart and tears a lot since crying openly reduces loads of heart and this process also gives us the opportunity to comfort our mind and start new life.

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