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Coronavirus: how to disinfect your phone without damaging it

The Telegraph spoke to some experts about the dangers of the mobile phone as a transmitter for the Covid-19. According to experts, any surface that is contaminated by respiratory secretions or for which it coughs or sneezes directly is potentially infectious. Covid-19 can survive on a flat surface, such as your phone’s screen, for several days.

Clean your phone twice a day – Disinfect your phone at lunch and dinner. At least, during this phase of the viral epidemic. We may be washing our hands very well, but if we touch the phone screen and then touch the face, this is a potential route of infection. Surfaces such as glass – which cell phone screens are made of – are an ideal environment for viruses to spread.

Disinfect it with alcohol-based disinfectant wipes – You just need to take these precautions:

– Before cleaning your phone, switch it off and remove all cables that connect it to the power.

– Use disinfectant wipes with 70 percent alcohol.

– Gently wipe the hard, exterior, non-porous surfaces of your phone, such as screens and keyboards, to avoid moisture in the openings.

– Do not rub excessively to avoid damaging the phone.

– Do not use bleach.

– Do not immerse your phone in cleaning products.

– Do not fire cleaning sprays directly on the phone.

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