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Color crazy challenge – The queen’s wreath

Yesterday was a sad for us. We lost our beloved Aunt. I had been busy with helping in the preparations for the funeral on Monday.

She was an amazing woman, so tall, regal, beautiful and wise. Just her presence was enough to command respect anywhere. She was so loving and  hospitable. There was so much to learn from her, her kindness was the most admirable quality of all. We will miss her words of encouragement, positivity and love.

I may not be here  for a couple of days. So here is to the queen of hearts, the queens wreath (Petrea volubilis).  A stunning tropical vine that looks a lot like wisteria which doesn’t grow here.

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    Do you like it? ( I know its not a great picture)

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Written by Dawn


  1. Sad to hear about your Aunt considering these days nieces and nephews are not so much in contact with their Aunts and Uncles but you were.

    These flowers resemble the garlic vine we have in our garden.