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#Coffee Artwork On Friday

I asked a Barista friend of mine, why they add the artistic touch when pouring the cream over the cups of coffee. “Let me show you some basic coffee-making skills”, he said. Alright, let’s talk about latte art. Latte art is really the exciting part of making espresso and it is also what gets a lot of people really excited about making coffee like a professional.

 It does not actually have to represent a quality coffee blend, but it definitely shows that the person who made it really cared—one could almost say, it’s the mark of a professional, somewhat, like a chef plating food. The first thing you need is a good shot of espresso, the milk needs to be steamed properly and ensure using micro-foam, and then you have to pour, this is called velocity, basically, it shows how fast you’re pouring. Watch him in action in the video below.


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