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Chrysanthemum buttons

Chrysanthemum buttons are flowers of the genus Cuc. This is a strong vitality flower, freshly blooming flowers with colorful colors. Chrysanthemum represents luck, full of life. And it is also a symbol of life.

Not only that, chrysanthemum is also used to treat diseases so in feng shui it represents fortune. Help homeowners increase welfare, have the ability to help stabilize the magnetic field. Chrysanthemum has a vibrant color, many colors so it also represents joy.

Chrysanthemum also has a meaning of filial piety and respect for parents. Therefore, put chrysanthemums in the house to regulate the affection of parents and children.

In addition, chrysanthemum also symbolizes auspicious and prosperous so many people choose to distill indoors on important occasions such as New Year, full moon worship, worship Buddha. So this is almost considered a national flower, people, houses all know it!


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